Follow-Up: Celebrity Airbrushing Before + Afters


See? SEE? Grayish, wrinkled skin is easily transformed into bronzed, smooth skin. Even the fingers have gotten the treatment. Sheesh. I wish I had a pro airbrusher with me everywhere. In real life, too. Photoshop should have an automatic ‘airbrush’ option that glosses every pore over.







Apparently, with photo shoots they won’t stop the cameras to simply brush away a flyaway hair. Why bother when you can just airbrush it over? Now this is ridiculous.

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Hot or Not? For me, it’s the latter

Lindsay Lohan after being madeover by my sister

Any reader of gossip will know LiLo here. After looking at a picture of Lindsay Lohan, my sister declared herself makeup artist and used Autodesk’s Sketchbook X to makeover LiLo here.

The result?

In addition to her already smoky eyes, my sister added white-gray shadow to LiLo’s black smoky eyes, and painted the already tanned face with orange blush, and further experimented with extreme colors by adding a raspberry-grape color (a purplish soft red) to Lindsay’s pout.

I think it’s fair to say that if I were LiLo, I’d clobber my sister for making me up into this.

So if LiLo is reading this, I’m sorry for my sister’s inexpertness. But a beauty battle must go on:

Is Lindsay’s made-over look hot or not?

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Generation Earn? I like the sound of THAT


I’ll take Generation Earn over Generation Debt anytime, anyday.


Save Savile Row!

Picture of Savile Row from College Candy , another great WordPress blog!


After tweaking the picture with Autodesk Sketchbook X, I made this poster! Remember to Save Savile Row!

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Lip Gloss Nails Review + New Gloss


After my lip gloss nails post yesterday, a reader asked about wear time and so for today I painted my nails first thing in the morning with L’Oreal Glam Shine in Gold Holographic (see yesterday’s post) and a new gloss, Etude House Princess Jewelry Gloss. See the review down there ⬇

L’Oreal Glam Shine I put on my index and ring finger, and Etude House Princess gloss on my thumb, middle, and little finger. (No, it’s not a trick of the light, the Princess gloss is transparent, like water, only thicker . . . Read about it below)

I swept Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Finishing Powder all around the nail area, and used Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Spray on the nails. It slightly mattified the color, but it still had all the shine and glitter the glosses could offer.
To make sure the nails were dry, I waved around my hair dryer (set on cool) and also very quickly dipped my nails into ice-cold water.

The result?

Around 5 ~ 6 hours of wear until I accidentally washed my hands with soap and cleaned the entire thing away.

My verdict:
Lip gloss nails are great if you forget your polish, but as it’s a lip product and is easily washed away with soap + water, for normal days use regular polish! Also, the soap didn’t quite eradicate the polish, it just removed the color but left stains on my nails. Not pretty! I rubbed the color off with makeup remover and more soap.

Coming up next: Etude House Princess Jewelry Gloss

Etude House: Princess Jewelry Gloss

I was just browsing the streets when I saw a beauty shop called Etude House. It was all pink and fancy, and any girl can’t resist that! Especially when racks and racks of beauty products are displayed in full glory.
So I picked up a lip gloss. I could have bought WAY more, but I wanted to try out the product first.



The words are blurred out (beaver dam my iPad 2’s now severely outdated camera!) but I printed them out beside it.

This gloss is transparent, with small flecks of glitter. It’s quite wearable, with nails or lips, and I think that it can be used for any look when you want to amp up your glitteratti.

I bought this at around NTD$150 or USD$5.00 and I think the price was perfect seeing how this gloss can be used for quite a range of looks.

Verdict: A+ for the price, wearability and overall design.

* Etude House is currently available in Taiwan, but as for the US and other countries, I’m in the dark. It’s also a Korean company, so keep an eye for it when you visit Korea or Asia! *

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Lip Gloss Nails (Yes, Lip Gloss)


Yes, you’re not blind. Lip gloss nails. After forgetting to bring nail polish on a recent trip, I decided to use some lip gloss I had left. Specifically, an old, unopened bottle of L’Oreal Glam Shine in Gold Holographic.
And while I know that it’s more than likely already past its expiry date, as I said before it was unopened, and didn’t have a funky smell or color at all. And since I planned to use it on my nails, not my lips, I thought the chance of contracting any poisonous substance it had was rather low. So I went ahead and painted my nails. Vóila!

Swatch of L’Oreal Glam Shine in Gold Holographic


The color is very vibrant for my beige / golden skin. It’s a nice reddish-pink that isn’t the least big garish, even with the glitter. All in all, it’s a gorgeous color, and I can’t wait to try it out on my lips, since it doesn’t seem infected with bacteria or whatnot (But still, keep away from old products).

For this look or a lip gloss nail one, I simply painted the color on my nails, and waved it around for a bit to dry. To make sure, I dusted a translucent powder over it, slightly mattifying it, but it still had tons of shine and glitter. So I think this look could work quite well. 😉


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Board Games & The Grand Master

Board Games & The Grand Master.


Wonderful story! Describes exactly what I’m thinking. Gone are the days of tramping in the backyard, finding leaves and special-shaped rocks, and dancing with the butterflies. Good days, indeed.

SAMANTHA BRICK – Who Do You Think You Are?

Samantha Brick, a woman writing for The Daily Mail, has written a controversial essay on The Daily Mail for her post. What does this controversial post contain that’s created such a fury? Well, Samantha Brick claims she’s had gentlemen pay for her drinks, her cabs and her train tickets just because of her ‘lovely looks’ (yes, she wrote that about herself).

Controversial Article:

Read Ms. Brick’s article and I think you’ll get why this is such a controversy.

Ms. Brick, I don’t mean to be mean on purpose, but I do not think you are gorgeous. I think you are average. I also think that you seem to be very narcisstic, self-deluding, and seemingly thinking that your friends hate you for your stunning beauty. Well, I personally have one question for you: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

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Two Photos!

Enchantingly pretty world of silver from

Art Fuels the World by ThatBeautifulGirl (your truly!)

Love PhotoBotos’ picture! Hauntingly enchanting city of silver!

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Kindness Makes The Earth Go Round!

Kindness makes the earth go round!

This has been one of the best days in terms of wisdom . . .

I’ve viewed 4 awesome blogs (my previous post, PLEASE check them out!) and I’ve really though about what I live for, and what art means to me.

And today, this photo is simply stunning.

I’ve seen pictures of butterfly wings before, and my first thought was exactly that when I viewed this photo . . . Then my thoughts merged into – Are those lights?

This is a surreal photograph, because sometimes, some things are better left to the imagination. You have to go out and discover the world – by yourself. You have to live life on your terms, and through your eyes.

Thumbs up to this eye-catching, mind-opening photo by an eye-catching, mind-blowing photographer!

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