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Everyday Tips: FASHION

Fashion Tips

If you’re in a hurry, wear all-over black: It instantly matches, plus it looks edgy-cool as long as it doesn’t show off a lot of skin.

On a first date, wear flats. It’s a sweet look, plus you won’t have to worry about tripping yourself over in case of first-date jitters.

If you’re not sure about wearing dark colors and bright ones, try a mix-and-match: Dark blue skinny jeans, bright yellow flats, a gray jacket and a bright T-shirt (think green and or pink, just choose a color that isn’t the same as your shoes). Ta-da!

In summer, wear a skirt. In fall and winter, add black tights or leggings (but not jeggings: It might feel like first grade when your mom let you wear what you want, and the whole skirt + trousers thing. Not cute.)

Don’t know what to wear with the few items of clothing you have? Email me, I’ll see what I can think of. 🙂

On a cold day, put black tights on first, add knee-length printed leggings, then a pair of shorts or a skirt. You’ll have a layered look, plus be extra-warm!

Have absolutely NO idea what to wear? Go through some old magazines and copy looks you like. If you’re missing an item, think of what you have to replace it! For example, replace plaid with stripes, black tights for leggings, and shorts for skirts.

Want to wear your black tights and leggings but are out of skirts? Wear black tights and or leggings with camel-gray shorts: the soft palette of the shorts will make black tights look extra-sleek!

If you want a new closet without breaking the bank, do your shopping in three ways: Buy basics that you’ll wear a lot, like jeans and a comfortable hoodie in a neutral color that goes with anything (basic + classic), then buy the extras, like a tie-dyed skirt (trendy).

Can’t find anything that suits your style? Sign up for a monthly pair of shoes customized to your taste at

For a discount on your favorite clothes and items, Google your favorite store with the word ‘coupons’, or follow them on Twitter and check their Facebook wall. Stores often post special offers or freebies on their FB page, and if you tweet how much you love a product, they’ll sometimes give you a free coupon.

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Modern Runway

Modern Runway

When the word ‘runway’ is mentioned, a swirl of black cloud appears, then billows away, leaving images of a long black runway, with a girl in a flowing dress, walking in time with the music, fluttering shiny black lashes touched up with mascara, a determined look in her eyes . . .

Okay, stop the whole thing.

My point is, runways immediately bring to mind a sort of fierce fashion, beautiful but to be admired from far away, never to be closely inspected in the world of streets, or rather, ordinary life. Because runway looks are so intimidating, we are loath to actually replicate it, as we are to draw Picasso-style in a normal art project.

However, despite that sort of faraway, never-to-be-touched runway beauty feel, I’ve gone and done it: quite a dramatic look, I think.

Modern Runway

If I were to actually wear this look in real life, I would:
-Use a black pencil liner to outline the dramatic eye shape first
-Fill it in with the liner, then lightly dust black eyeshadow
-Lightly dab gray eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes
-Add just a wisp of white in the inner corners
-Dust white eyeshadow above the black, in the brow area

I would probably top it off with liquid liner, too, to have a sort of sharpness to it.

Modern Runway

I’d also use highlighter on my cheekbones (well, if I had them) to create a sharp contrast between the highlighter, the black, and the white.

So, what does anybody think of this look? Would you wear it to a black-tie event like an opera performance they always show on TV where everyone is dressed impeccably, or would you use it for Halloween?

NOTE: I sculpted the mannequin’s face to have that model look, but I think I only succeeded in scaring myself. :/

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Daytime Purple Smokes

Daytime Purple Smokes, courtesy of 123D Sculpt by Autodesk (available in the App Store for free!) and C. Chen

Spring is a-coming . . . I hope.

But what’s spring without a dewy daytime look that’s pretty and sassy?

Normally, if you gave me ‘sassy’, I would think smoky and smouldering. But in the daytime, with the fresh dew of spring on your face and a song in your soul, charcoal eyes are simply racoon-ish, and so Taylor Momsen. Right?

Purple (or rather, lavender) is a perfect alternative, especially with an eye-brightening white. Pale lavender looks good in everyone, and Selena Gomez wears a lot of this shade (well, according to Seventeen).

Here’s a closeup:
Daytime Purple Smokes
Tip: Try putting the lavender in the middle of a sea of white eyelid. When you flutter your eyes, there’ll be a cool ombré effect.

Try a pale pink cheek: Pastels are so pretty!

Remember: Line your lips with lip liner so they don’t fade! PLUS: For an understated flirty feel, layer clear gloss over a bubblegum pink pout, or just try soft baby pink.

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Black Romance


Black Romance

I’m actually quite in love with this look. It’s clean and pretty despite a smoky eye, thanks to slightly pink cheeks and a rose pink pout that I would use for anything.

Smoky eyes are hard to pull off in the way that I’m pointing here: simple and not messy or racoon-ish. So I went through all my old Seventeens and I saw this trick: Use a dark gray cream shadow, not a powder one. A light cream will give you the freedom to layer up for a high-opacity look, or a slightly shimmery smoky one. 🙂

More pix:

Note: add black eyeliner for a sharpness against smoky cream shadow and romantic lips

Line lips with a lip pencil in the same shade for longer lasting color.

That’s it, and I hope you guys will have a nice Thursday!

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