Daytime Purple Smokes

Daytime Purple Smokes, courtesy of 123D Sculpt by Autodesk (available in the App Store for free!) and C. Chen

Spring is a-coming . . . I hope.

But what’s spring without a dewy daytime look that’s pretty and sassy?

Normally, if you gave me ‘sassy’, I would think smoky and smouldering. But in the daytime, with the fresh dew of spring on your face and a song in your soul, charcoal eyes are simply racoon-ish, and so Taylor Momsen. Right?

Purple (or rather, lavender) is a perfect alternative, especially with an eye-brightening white. Pale lavender looks good in everyone, and Selena Gomez wears a lot of this shade (well, according to Seventeen).

Here’s a closeup:
Daytime Purple Smokes
Tip: Try putting the lavender in the middle of a sea of white eyelid. When you flutter your eyes, there’ll be a cool ombré effect.

Try a pale pink cheek: Pastels are so pretty!

Remember: Line your lips with lip liner so they don’t fade! PLUS: For an understated flirty feel, layer clear gloss over a bubblegum pink pout, or just try soft baby pink.

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