Everyday Tips: FASHION

Fashion Tips

If you’re in a hurry, wear all-over black: It instantly matches, plus it looks edgy-cool as long as it doesn’t show off a lot of skin.

On a first date, wear flats. It’s a sweet look, plus you won’t have to worry about tripping yourself over in case of first-date jitters.

If you’re not sure about wearing dark colors and bright ones, try a mix-and-match: Dark blue skinny jeans, bright yellow flats, a gray jacket and a bright T-shirt (think green and or pink, just choose a color that isn’t the same as your shoes). Ta-da!

In summer, wear a skirt. In fall and winter, add black tights or leggings (but not jeggings: It might feel like first grade when your mom let you wear what you want, and the whole skirt + trousers thing. Not cute.)

Don’t know what to wear with the few items of clothing you have? Email me, I’ll see what I can think of. 🙂

On a cold day, put black tights on first, add knee-length printed leggings, then a pair of shorts or a skirt. You’ll have a layered look, plus be extra-warm!

Have absolutely NO idea what to wear? Go through some old magazines and copy looks you like. If you’re missing an item, think of what you have to replace it! For example, replace plaid with stripes, black tights for leggings, and shorts for skirts.

Want to wear your black tights and leggings but are out of skirts? Wear black tights and or leggings with camel-gray shorts: the soft palette of the shorts will make black tights look extra-sleek!

If you want a new closet without breaking the bank, do your shopping in three ways: Buy basics that you’ll wear a lot, like jeans and a comfortable hoodie in a neutral color that goes with anything (basic + classic), then buy the extras, like a tie-dyed skirt (trendy).

Can’t find anything that suits your style? Sign up for a monthly pair of shoes customized to your taste at shoedazzle.com

For a discount on your favorite clothes and items, Google your favorite store with the word ‘coupons’, or follow them on Twitter and check their Facebook wall. Stores often post special offers or freebies on their FB page, and if you tweet how much you love a product, they’ll sometimes give you a free coupon.

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