Looks to Try Now

We often think of runway looks as intidimating and completely unwearable for ordinary days, but for those special occasions when fierce is fashion, or games of Beauty Dares, here are some looks that aren’t completely crazy.


Luminous eyeshadow

Dragonfly wing makeup is pretty in a regal way, while dark green tones are as smoky and mysterious as black, but feel less plain and raccoon-ish.

Get the Look: Have luminous eyeshadow in five seconds with eyeshadow stickers, normally available at drugstores.


Printed lips

You see plaid in clothes every day, but what about plaid print lips? Rule of Makeup: If you’ve never seen something before, try it!
Get the Look: To get these printed lips, use eyeshadow stickers directly on lips.


Winged Liner

Winged eyeliner might not be new anymore, but in a bright blue and on the bottom half of your eyes, it’s still fierce and Rihanna.


Half-moon crescent eyeshadow

Anybody remember my ‘Modern Runway’ post? This look is based on that one. A black crescent from lashes to brows is runway-esque thanks to the unexpected shape, intense black and the look it produces.
Get the Look: Line the shape first with black eyeliner, then fill it in. Sharpen the edges with liquid liner.


Bold eyeshadow

Another Rule of Makeup: Eyeshadow is bold in a bright color. So simple! But for a shimmery look, apply a thin streak of light shadow right at lashes.
Get the Look: Apply eyeshadow in desired color all over lids. Then apply shadow in a thin line at lash-line, as a substitute for liner.

Printed eyes

Here comes eyeshadow stickers again! But in a very lacy way.
Get the Look: Use multiple eyeshadow stickers at different angles and pressure for lacy eyes.


Bottom liner

Jet-black liner along the waterline and winged out is uncommon, and therefore bold. And bold = sexy, if you do it right.
Get the Look: Simply line black eyeliner against your waterline, and if you want, sharpen the edges with liquid eyeliner, too.

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