Sweet Sailor

I can almost taste the salt in the air, hear the waves crashing against the beach and the song of the seagulls, begging for food. I can almost feel the cool breeze that is at every beach, see the never-ending line of blue, feel cold water lapping at my feet. In my mind, all this represents freedom, and the colors of the sea are the ones that brighten the flag of childhood memories.

Okay, so basically: I love the sea. And here’s a look to honor it.

Sweet Sailor

Black or charcoal shadow is always classic and just a little bit voluptous, but dark navy blue shadow is more unconventional. And makeup’s Golden Rule? If you haven’t seen or tried something before, DO IT! Because for me, makeup is simply a sort of art form, in the pretty colors and the magical way it just blends together.
So. Today’s challenge? NAVY BLUE SHADOW

But for those gals who love a li’l bit of party, add a streak of charcoal shadow right on your brow bone. Tres’ pretty, right??

Sweet Sailor

NOTE: Add a swipe of white right beside your tear ducts, on your waterline, and your lashline to make eye whites look brighter and stronger . . . Therefore brightening your eyes!

Sweet Sailor: To further brighten your look and balance out the deep shadows, mix some white eyeshadow into a baby-pink blush to have a light pink. Then sweep a highlighter or white shadow on your upper apples again to have a dewy look.

Finish your dramatic / pretty look with rose-pink lips. Don’t apply the lipstick straight on, though: Using your fingers, lightly dab on the color. You’ll get a pretty but natural looking look, and don’t worry about dotting it on perfectly: Imperfections are what make you perfect!

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