Introducing the All Over Color series – BABY PINK

Ever been stuck with one color to use on your face (aka a road trip where you lost your makeup bag??!! Not something you would wish on anybody)? But fear no more, because here’s a series of makeup looks, all created with just 1 color!

Today’s All Over Color? Baby Pink!


You can buy an all-over shadow or stain, or mix your your own, using your own powder eyeshadows or cream ones. (DIY recipe below!)

All Over Color: Baby Pink

For a soft look that doesn’t look like eye disease, sweep the shadow on your browbones, and in the inner corners of your eyes. Then slowly brush the color out for a faded look. (Treś pretty!)

DIY Recipe for Using Eyeshadow On Your Entire Face


Choose the shade you want or have, and brush it on the back of your hand.
Add a dollop of Vaseline;
then mix.
See if the color is the desired shade.
If not, continue mixing until you get the right percentage!
If yes, continue mixing, then apply onto lips.

Eyeshadow as cheek blush doesn’t require anything else: Simply fan the color onto your cheeks, and voíla! (Tip: But use a bigger brush to deposit more color and give more even and smooth coverage.

That’s it for today, and I hope you’ll have a good & nice day! (Or, well, midnight. 🙂 Can’t sleep . . . Am a bit hungry. Maybe I should just hop out of bed and eat some crackers?!)

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