Everyday Tips: HAIR

Hair Tips

When cutting bangs, first snip to your eyes. Then slowly cut the length so it doesn’t seem too short.

Hair’s Golden Rule: if it’s too long, you can snip it off straight away, but if it’s too short, it’ll need to grow.

Guess what? Bangs are the cutest at about eyebrow length, just barely skimming your eyes.

If you’re flaunting second or (gasp!) third day hair, try a headband.

For weak and or damaged hair, condition every time you wash your hair, not just a few times a month.

If you use a heated curling iron and or a straightening one PLUS blowdry your hair, make sure you smooth conditioner and or a heat protectant gel or mist before styling to avoid frying your hair.

Got a *lot* of tangles and knots in your hair? Wash your hair first, then apply conditioner all over, then wait for ten seconds to let it seep in. Then apply conditioner on your fingers, and start combing.

Want a sexy style for tomorrow but know you won’t have enough time? The night before, braid your hair into tight braids and sleep in them. The next day, loosen them for pretty, loose waves!

When tying your hair into a ponytail and or braid, use professional elastics: Rubber bands can stick to your hair (especially during the summer) and damage them.

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