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Two Photos!

Enchantingly pretty world of silver from

Art Fuels the World by ThatBeautifulGirl (your truly!)

Love PhotoBotos’ picture! Hauntingly enchanting city of silver!

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Kindness Makes The Earth Go Round!

Kindness makes the earth go round!

This has been one of the best days in terms of wisdom . . .

I’ve viewed 4 awesome blogs (my previous post, PLEASE check them out!) and I’ve really though about what I live for, and what art means to me.

And today, this photo is simply stunning.

I’ve seen pictures of butterfly wings before, and my first thought was exactly that when I viewed this photo . . . Then my thoughts merged into – Are those lights?

This is a surreal photograph, because sometimes, some things are better left to the imagination. You have to go out and discover the world – by yourself. You have to live life on your terms, and through your eyes.

Thumbs up to this eye-catching, mind-opening photo by an eye-catching, mind-blowing photographer!

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Beautiful Photography Blogs – The Plot Thickens! 4 Blogs & Counting

I’ve just posted a post about gorgeous photos, and right away my email informs me there’s a blogger who pressed Like on it. Common courtesy ensues with me checking out his page, then his blog.
And the minute his blog loaded, I was floored.
Gorgeous images, all over the place. I was immediately sucked right into this awesome blogger’s little paradise of photos, all simple but absolutely breathtaking.

This guy’s blog is full of photos, all in high quality and with a simplicity that is really quite profound. Any of you guys who are interested in photography should DEFINITELY check out his blog.

Highly Recommended!


This one’s blog is full of miscellaneous photos, but each one’s a stunning rager!


Did some Internet code just open up, bringing all these photography blogs together here??!! Yes, there’s a THIRD blog here now! Awesome nature photos, and a quirky cool article about his love of Spam. (I like Spam, too!) So here’s another pretty amazing photography blog:

This blog is a mishmash of everything, and has nature photos, too. They’re fun and interesting!

I want to take my time here to write that I’m amazed by everything. Each of the blogs here are all really cool, even though I’ve only read a few posts on each blog. But each post, each blog, each author, all represents life, and the art it holds.
My blog started off because I’d discovered makeup’s beauty. I’m amazed by makeup’s beautiful colors, and I’m amazed by design. Even my iPad symbolises my appreciation for Apple’s thoughtfulness of taking design into technology and ultimately, life. Art is all around us. Art is what makes life worth living for. Art is beauty, and every time we see the sky’s beautiful layers of colors, the stroke of pale pigment on white paper, and the edges and curves of buildings, we are amazed. Art powers our minds, and in turn, we power the world.

Art is beautiful.

Fifth blog. Especially love today’s photo, it’s stunning!

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Amazing Photos from Around the World + Web





































NOTE: I do not own any of the beautiful photos above. They’re all from the photographers’ websites, or from Google Images and Flickr. Please pay respect to their amazing photos, and don’t pass them off as your own! Thanks to all those amazing photographers for these absolutely gorgeous images!

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MAC Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Nightfall Review + Photos

Mac has long been known as the queen of department-store beauty, but with new makeup companies like Maybelline, Revlon, and CoverGirl, Mac’s place has long been unstable.

But with its nail lacquers, it won over all of us . . . again.

Creamy black with silver shine, it looked GORGEOUS on Mac’s website, so I figured, see, I deserve a new nail lacquer because . . . It’s March?

I finally convinced myself these were worth the USD$16 dollar price tag because it offered free shipping, and was just so luscious-looking.

Well, voila.

Mac Cosmetics Frost Nail Lacquer in Nightfall

MAC Cosmetics Frost Nail Lacquer in Nightfall

*NOTE: I don’t own this picture! I didn’t have time to upload my version of this nail lacquer, so I posted this from Google Images. I’ll be updating this post with my own pic when I figure out what’s wrong with my camera and laptop’s USB . . . SORRY! No copyright infringement intended to the owner!*

I tried Nightfall at a black-tie event, and it matched perfectly with everything. I think you can have bedhead hair, crazy print clothes, and still look gorgeous with this shade on . . .


Online Rating: 4/5 or 8/10

Personal Rating: 7.5/10

  • Texture

If you were to look at the liquid in its bottle, I think you’d find it thick and luscious-looking, with that gorgeous silver sparkle and the rich creamy black. But to apply it on your nails . . . is a whole different matter.

On my nails, it seems that one coat of Nightfall just isn’t enough . . . The color looks streaky with one swipe, and when it dries, you’ll be left with an interesting look of patchwork nails. So for those gals who are always in a little bit of hurry, you might have to skip over this look because one coat is simply not enough for these.

  • Color

If you’d read the above, you’ll find me gushing about the formal black backdrop and silver sparkles, but as this polish is a tad streaky, I’d advise at least 2 coats.

I’ll update soon with my own pics, but that’s it for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

*And for all of you nail-art lovers, see this amazing blogger’s blog.

Check out her blog!

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Let’s Vote – Which Pic Should I Use?

Hello, everyone!
So right now, my profile picture is of a whale’s fin, but from a blog about beauty and makeup? What, we dress up whales? No, we don’t. (Well, I’m pretty I don’t.)

So I created a few images with SketchbookX, and it’s up to you guys to see which one should be used as my profile pic, or blog logo . . . Leave a comment, and tell me what you like!

The candidates:




Simply tell me what picture you like best by commenting its number!

Remember, voting ends on Friday!

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Pretty Party


Pretty Party

Pretty Party Beauty Lookbook

A softly gray, dark blue shadow and classic black liner is classy and ready for a party, while candy-rose pink lips and cheeks are feminine and sweet. Daytime + Nightime = Pretty Party Love!!

For gals who want a smokier look, smudge out your black liner, and for those of you who aren’t that wild, skip the liner. It’s all about you, remember ๐Ÿ™‚

So, Happy Monday to everyone!

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All Over Color – Taxicab Yellow

All Over Color in Taxicab Yellow

Human Model Version


I know, a really short post! Sorry! But today’s focus is more on my next post, so go and check that out instead.


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ELF Essential Lipstick Swatches

ELF Essential Lipstick Swatches.

Another beauty blogger, another great blog, another recommendation from me!

13 Looks To Try Now!

First off, SO happy to be back blogging after 5 days! ๐Ÿ™‚

And so to celebrate, here are 13 new looks I created.

P.S: I used Autodesk SketchbookX to create these looks, so all of the ‘makeup’ is digital, so it might look a tad fake . . . ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bronze + Jade

Vacation in Fuchsia

Vacation in Peacock

Ice + Sky

Purple Dream in Dark

Purple Dream in Light

Barely Plum

Bronze Goddess

Ocean Storm

Punch Kiss

Classic Hollywood

Pretty in Pink


Four of these looks (Vacation in Fuchsia, Vacation in Peacock; Purple Dream in Dark, Purple Dream in Light) are a series (Vacation, Purple Dream), and the rest were created randomly. Well, maybe not totally random: recently, I’m totally in love with green jade eyes, and for a two days, I was infested with Purple-fluenza . . .

Here are some basic introductions:

Bronze + Jade

Simply named so because of the contrast between the golden, shimmery-ish bronze color above the dark, sultry, and ultra-dramatic black-green shadow.

Vacation in Fuchsia
Fuchsia is always bright and ready, and nothing screams ‘vaca’ more than a smooth, slightly matte pout. Focus is on lips: xoxo!

Vacation in Peacock
Two layers of green, and two layers of blue, complete a peacock-worthy ombrรจ effect on eyes. Choose feathery, wispy powders for a watercolor look. Focus is on eyes, so flutter away!

Ice + Sky
Some might say this rings with Bronze + Jade, so I might just classify this as a third series.
Ice blue with a tint of sky, winged slightly out and paired with softly glowing cheeks give a light feel to this daintily pretty look. For a fiercer feel, simply wash on the blue shadow for a opacity-rich look.

Purple Dream in Dark
Standard-purple eyes are anything but standard, and a streak of dark lavender right on your lower waterline is simply screaming for a party.

Purple Dream in Light
Sort of like Daytime Purple Smokes, with layers of light lavender and slightly tinted rose lips.

I’ll update later with the rest of the looks, but that’s it for today . . . ๐Ÿ™‚



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