Beautiful Photography Blogs – The Plot Thickens! 4 Blogs & Counting

I’ve just posted a post about gorgeous photos, and right away my email informs me there’s a blogger who pressed Like on it. Common courtesy ensues with me checking out his page, then his blog.
And the minute his blog loaded, I was floored.
Gorgeous images, all over the place. I was immediately sucked right into this awesome blogger’s little paradise of photos, all simple but absolutely breathtaking.

This guy’s blog is full of photos, all in high quality and with a simplicity that is really quite profound. Any of you guys who are interested in photography should DEFINITELY check out his blog.

Highly Recommended!


This one’s blog is full of miscellaneous photos, but each one’s a stunning rager!


Did some Internet code just open up, bringing all these photography blogs together here??!! Yes, there’s a THIRD blog here now! Awesome nature photos, and a quirky cool article about his love of Spam. (I like Spam, too!) So here’s another pretty amazing photography blog:

This blog is a mishmash of everything, and has nature photos, too. They’re fun and interesting!

I want to take my time here to write that I’m amazed by everything. Each of the blogs here are all really cool, even though I’ve only read a few posts on each blog. But each post, each blog, each author, all represents life, and the art it holds.
My blog started off because I’d discovered makeup’s beauty. I’m amazed by makeup’s beautiful colors, and I’m amazed by design. Even my iPad symbolises my appreciation for Apple’s thoughtfulness of taking design into technology and ultimately, life. Art is all around us. Art is what makes life worth living for. Art is beauty, and every time we see the sky’s beautiful layers of colors, the stroke of pale pigment on white paper, and the edges and curves of buildings, we are amazed. Art powers our minds, and in turn, we power the world.

Art is beautiful.

Fifth blog. Especially love today’s photo, it’s stunning!

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Photography Blogs – The Plot Thickens! 4 Blogs & Counting

  1. 7theaven says:


    Thank you soo much for this post. I appreciate it A LOT!

  2. 7theaven says:

    Ooh, I’m sharing this on FB with the official GROUP for this photoblog, where people submit photos, discuss. Do check out sometime, would love to see you there.

  3. 7theaven says:

    Probably the 1st of many more that I will be making, but I have posted about you on my blog. Would love it if you read:

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