SAMANTHA BRICK – Who Do You Think You Are?

Samantha Brick, a woman writing for The Daily Mail, has written a controversial essay on The Daily Mail for her post. What does this controversial post contain that’s created such a fury? Well, Samantha Brick claims she’s had gentlemen pay for her drinks, her cabs and her train tickets just because of her ‘lovely looks’ (yes, she wrote that about herself).

Controversial Article:

Read Ms. Brick’s article and I think you’ll get why this is such a controversy.

Ms. Brick, I don’t mean to be mean on purpose, but I do not think you are gorgeous. I think you are average. I also think that you seem to be very narcisstic, self-deluding, and seemingly thinking that your friends hate you for your stunning beauty. Well, I personally have one question for you: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

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4 thoughts on “SAMANTHA BRICK – Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. John Saddington says:

    Reblogged this on 8BIT.

  2. Bagman says:

    Completely agree. She does nothing for me. Not ugly but not a beauty. I know there are some really beautiful women in Europe, so don’t know why someone would be compelled to shower her with gifts just by looking at her. Maybe she has a magnetic personality, but the way she writes about herself, I doubt it. BTW, thanks for following my blog.

    • Agree! Not ugly, but not stunning, either. I have no idea why she thinks everyone hates her because she’s “beautiful”. There are truely beautiful women out there, and somehow I don’t think she’s one of them.

      My pleasure to follow your blog, you have some amazing pictures! Keep up that awesome photography!


      Sent from my iPad

      • Bagman says:

        Thanks so much. Hope you are receiving the daily photo from my alter-ego’s site bradgsmithphotos. It is linked on mine. Have a good day.

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