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Hot or Not? For me, it’s the latter

Lindsay Lohan after being madeover by my sister

Any reader of gossip will know LiLo here. After looking at a picture of Lindsay Lohan, my sister declared herself makeup artist and used Autodesk’s Sketchbook X to makeover LiLo here.

The result?

In addition to her already smoky eyes, my sister added white-gray shadow to LiLo’s black smoky eyes, and painted the already tanned face with orange blush, and further experimented with extreme colors by adding a raspberry-grape color (a purplish soft red) to Lindsay’s pout.

I think it’s fair to say that if I were LiLo, I’d clobber my sister for making me up into this.

So if LiLo is reading this, I’m sorry for my sister’s inexpertness. But a beauty battle must go on:

Is Lindsay’s made-over look hot or not?

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Save Savile Row!

Picture of Savile Row from College Candy , another great WordPress blog!


After tweaking the picture with Autodesk Sketchbook X, I made this poster! Remember to Save Savile Row!

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SAMANTHA BRICK – Who Do You Think You Are?

Samantha Brick, a woman writing for The Daily Mail, has written a controversial essay on The Daily Mail for her post. What does this controversial post contain that’s created such a fury? Well, Samantha Brick claims she’s had gentlemen pay for her drinks, her cabs and her train tickets just because of her ‘lovely looks’ (yes, she wrote that about herself).

Controversial Article:

Read Ms. Brick’s article and I think you’ll get why this is such a controversy.

Ms. Brick, I don’t mean to be mean on purpose, but I do not think you are gorgeous. I think you are average. I also think that you seem to be very narcisstic, self-deluding, and seemingly thinking that your friends hate you for your stunning beauty. Well, I personally have one question for you: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

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Kindness Makes The Earth Go Round!

Kindness makes the earth go round!

This has been one of the best days in terms of wisdom . . .

I’ve viewed 4 awesome blogs (my previous post, PLEASE check them out!) and I’ve really though about what I live for, and what art means to me.

And today, this photo is simply stunning.

I’ve seen pictures of butterfly wings before, and my first thought was exactly that when I viewed this photo . . . Then my thoughts merged into – Are those lights?

This is a surreal photograph, because sometimes, some things are better left to the imagination. You have to go out and discover the world – by yourself. You have to live life on your terms, and through your eyes.

Thumbs up to this eye-catching, mind-opening photo by an eye-catching, mind-blowing photographer!

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Let’s Vote – Which Pic Should I Use?

Hello, everyone!
So right now, my profile picture is of a whale’s fin, but from a blog about beauty and makeup? What, we dress up whales? No, we don’t. (Well, I’m pretty I don’t.)

So I created a few images with SketchbookX, and it’s up to you guys to see which one should be used as my profile pic, or blog logo . . . Leave a comment, and tell me what you like!

The candidates:




Simply tell me what picture you like best by commenting its number!

Remember, voting ends on Friday!

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Picture Collage from Web








NOTE: The fat orange tabby? Mine’s. Cutie-pie Pom Pom doggy? Not mine’s. Picture of girl? Not mine’s. Triple Town? VERY addicting iPad game! Bluetooth & Wifi pic from Facebook

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