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Hot or Not? For me, it’s the latter

Lindsay Lohan after being madeover by my sister

Any reader of gossip will know LiLo here. After looking at a picture of Lindsay Lohan, my sister declared herself makeup artist and used Autodesk’s Sketchbook X to makeover LiLo here.

The result?

In addition to her already smoky eyes, my sister added white-gray shadow to LiLo’s black smoky eyes, and painted the already tanned face with orange blush, and further experimented with extreme colors by adding a raspberry-grape color (a purplish soft red) to Lindsay’s pout.

I think it’s fair to say that if I were LiLo, I’d clobber my sister for making me up into this.

So if LiLo is reading this, I’m sorry for my sister’s inexpertness. But a beauty battle must go on:

Is Lindsay’s made-over look hot or not?

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Lip Gloss Nails Review + New Gloss


After my lip gloss nails post yesterday, a reader asked about wear time and so for today I painted my nails first thing in the morning with L’Oreal Glam Shine in Gold Holographic (see yesterday’s post) and a new gloss, Etude House Princess Jewelry Gloss. See the review down there ⬇

L’Oreal Glam Shine I put on my index and ring finger, and Etude House Princess gloss on my thumb, middle, and little finger. (No, it’s not a trick of the light, the Princess gloss is transparent, like water, only thicker . . . Read about it below)

I swept Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Finishing Powder all around the nail area, and used Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Spray on the nails. It slightly mattified the color, but it still had all the shine and glitter the glosses could offer.
To make sure the nails were dry, I waved around my hair dryer (set on cool) and also very quickly dipped my nails into ice-cold water.

The result?

Around 5 ~ 6 hours of wear until I accidentally washed my hands with soap and cleaned the entire thing away.

My verdict:
Lip gloss nails are great if you forget your polish, but as it’s a lip product and is easily washed away with soap + water, for normal days use regular polish! Also, the soap didn’t quite eradicate the polish, it just removed the color but left stains on my nails. Not pretty! I rubbed the color off with makeup remover and more soap.

Coming up next: Etude House Princess Jewelry Gloss

Etude House: Princess Jewelry Gloss

I was just browsing the streets when I saw a beauty shop called Etude House. It was all pink and fancy, and any girl can’t resist that! Especially when racks and racks of beauty products are displayed in full glory.
So I picked up a lip gloss. I could have bought WAY more, but I wanted to try out the product first.



The words are blurred out (beaver dam my iPad 2’s now severely outdated camera!) but I printed them out beside it.

This gloss is transparent, with small flecks of glitter. It’s quite wearable, with nails or lips, and I think that it can be used for any look when you want to amp up your glitteratti.

I bought this at around NTD$150 or USD$5.00 and I think the price was perfect seeing how this gloss can be used for quite a range of looks.

Verdict: A+ for the price, wearability and overall design.

* Etude House is currently available in Taiwan, but as for the US and other countries, I’m in the dark. It’s also a Korean company, so keep an eye for it when you visit Korea or Asia! *

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Lip Gloss Nails (Yes, Lip Gloss)


Yes, you’re not blind. Lip gloss nails. After forgetting to bring nail polish on a recent trip, I decided to use some lip gloss I had left. Specifically, an old, unopened bottle of L’Oreal Glam Shine in Gold Holographic.
And while I know that it’s more than likely already past its expiry date, as I said before it was unopened, and didn’t have a funky smell or color at all. And since I planned to use it on my nails, not my lips, I thought the chance of contracting any poisonous substance it had was rather low. So I went ahead and painted my nails. Vóila!

Swatch of L’Oreal Glam Shine in Gold Holographic


The color is very vibrant for my beige / golden skin. It’s a nice reddish-pink that isn’t the least big garish, even with the glitter. All in all, it’s a gorgeous color, and I can’t wait to try it out on my lips, since it doesn’t seem infected with bacteria or whatnot (But still, keep away from old products).

For this look or a lip gloss nail one, I simply painted the color on my nails, and waved it around for a bit to dry. To make sure, I dusted a translucent powder over it, slightly mattifying it, but it still had tons of shine and glitter. So I think this look could work quite well. 😉


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Pretty Party


Pretty Party

Pretty Party Beauty Lookbook

A softly gray, dark blue shadow and classic black liner is classy and ready for a party, while candy-rose pink lips and cheeks are feminine and sweet. Daytime + Nightime = Pretty Party Love!!

For gals who want a smokier look, smudge out your black liner, and for those of you who aren’t that wild, skip the liner. It’s all about you, remember 🙂

So, Happy Monday to everyone!

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13 Looks To Try Now!

First off, SO happy to be back blogging after 5 days! 🙂

And so to celebrate, here are 13 new looks I created.

P.S: I used Autodesk SketchbookX to create these looks, so all of the ‘makeup’ is digital, so it might look a tad fake . . . 😉

Bronze + Jade

Vacation in Fuchsia

Vacation in Peacock

Ice + Sky

Purple Dream in Dark

Purple Dream in Light

Barely Plum

Bronze Goddess

Ocean Storm

Punch Kiss

Classic Hollywood

Pretty in Pink


Four of these looks (Vacation in Fuchsia, Vacation in Peacock; Purple Dream in Dark, Purple Dream in Light) are a series (Vacation, Purple Dream), and the rest were created randomly. Well, maybe not totally random: recently, I’m totally in love with green jade eyes, and for a two days, I was infested with Purple-fluenza . . .

Here are some basic introductions:

Bronze + Jade

Simply named so because of the contrast between the golden, shimmery-ish bronze color above the dark, sultry, and ultra-dramatic black-green shadow.

Vacation in Fuchsia
Fuchsia is always bright and ready, and nothing screams ‘vaca’ more than a smooth, slightly matte pout. Focus is on lips: xoxo!

Vacation in Peacock
Two layers of green, and two layers of blue, complete a peacock-worthy ombrè effect on eyes. Choose feathery, wispy powders for a watercolor look. Focus is on eyes, so flutter away!

Ice + Sky
Some might say this rings with Bronze + Jade, so I might just classify this as a third series.
Ice blue with a tint of sky, winged slightly out and paired with softly glowing cheeks give a light feel to this daintily pretty look. For a fiercer feel, simply wash on the blue shadow for a opacity-rich look.

Purple Dream in Dark
Standard-purple eyes are anything but standard, and a streak of dark lavender right on your lower waterline is simply screaming for a party.

Purple Dream in Light
Sort of like Daytime Purple Smokes, with layers of light lavender and slightly tinted rose lips.

I’ll update later with the rest of the looks, but that’s it for today . . . 🙂



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All Over Color in Tan Orange

Another All Over Color post!

This time, in TAN ORANGE!


In its full glory.

I think I’m getting here 🙂

More pix:


To get this look, simply brush a soft, orange-bronze color all over cheeks, and apply on lips with fingers for a natural look. Apply all over lids with brush, and concentrate the color in the middle, slowly fading the color out for a pretty look.

That’s it (I know, a really short post in four days – sorry!!) but I’m preparing to go on a trip, and I don’t have much time for anything else . . .

And I might not have Wi-Fi for the next week, till next Sunday.

I’ll try to post more next next week, to make up for lost time and posts . . .

Don’t hate me, okay?

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Maybelline™ Baby Lips SPF20 Lip Balm in Energizing Orange review

Maybelline Baby Lips SPF20 Lip Balm in Energizing Orange

In my first post about Maybelline’s new Baby Lips lip balms, I thought that they were rather greasy + oily. But here’s a more detailed review:

  • Quality:
    Maybelline’s advertised these new lippies with ‘8-hr moisturizing treatment, with visibly renewed lips in 4 weeks.’ Some reviewers online swear they see a difference within seconds of slicking it on, but in my case, I think it has no visible difference. I’ll check again in 4 weeks 😉
  • Flavor + Scent:
    I bought my lip balm in Energizing Orange, and I think I can honestly say that these lippies are beautifully scented and flavored. Energizing Orange gives off a slight, heavenly scent of freshly peeled oranges, and I think there’s a slight orange flavor, too.
  • Price + Availability:
    Around US$3.99
    Available at U.S mass retailers (Walmart, CVS)
    In other countries, try drugstores or convenience stores (7-Eleven, Watsons)
  • Texture + Feel:
    It’s probably just me, but I think that as far as lip balms go, this one is more oily and slick than others. It also dries out very fast, and I have to reapply about every 30 minutes or so, and after eating.
  • Overall Rating: B (8.5 out of 10)
  • This review is based on my own opinion and experiences, and does not mean to be offensive for whatever reasons.

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    Introducing the All Over Color series – BABY PINK

    Ever been stuck with one color to use on your face (aka a road trip where you lost your makeup bag??!! Not something you would wish on anybody)? But fear no more, because here’s a series of makeup looks, all created with just 1 color!

    Today’s All Over Color? Baby Pink!


    You can buy an all-over shadow or stain, or mix your your own, using your own powder eyeshadows or cream ones. (DIY recipe below!)

    All Over Color: Baby Pink

    For a soft look that doesn’t look like eye disease, sweep the shadow on your browbones, and in the inner corners of your eyes. Then slowly brush the color out for a faded look. (Treś pretty!)

    DIY Recipe for Using Eyeshadow On Your Entire Face


    Choose the shade you want or have, and brush it on the back of your hand.
    Add a dollop of Vaseline;
    then mix.
    See if the color is the desired shade.
    If not, continue mixing until you get the right percentage!
    If yes, continue mixing, then apply onto lips.

    Eyeshadow as cheek blush doesn’t require anything else: Simply fan the color onto your cheeks, and voíla! (Tip: But use a bigger brush to deposit more color and give more even and smooth coverage.

    That’s it for today, and I hope you’ll have a good & nice day! (Or, well, midnight. 🙂 Can’t sleep . . . Am a bit hungry. Maybe I should just hop out of bed and eat some crackers?!)

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    For Valentine’s Day, I recommend Rose Sophisticate


    Rose Sophisticate

    There’s always a time when we need something sweet, delicate, and yet mature. Whether for a wedding, interview, or a first date, I think this look will cut it, especially for . . .


    So go out and buy a big box of chocolate truffles, some wine, and curl up to watch your favorite movie alone or with your BF. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the happy couples! And if you’re single, cross your fingers for some love!




    Soft rose colors are like a grown-up pink, and work on every skin tone. Whether in matte or simply colored, a soft red tinted pink will always be prettily mature.

    Get the Look:

    Brush a soft rose color all over lids, from lashlines to browbones. Focus the color on your lids, though: slightly fade the color out as you apply outerwards.

    Try: Lancome Roseraie des Delices Spring 2012 Collection, or Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD Eyeshadow in English Rose

    Using a cream shadow in white, lightly brush around your eyes in a C shape, from browbone to just on your cheekbones. Try using a big, fluffy brush reserved for blush; it fans the color out so you look dewy, not white as you may do when you over-apply.

    Apply a pinkish blush in your apples, blending with the white colors.

    Try using a rose-colored or soft pink lip liner; lip liners not only look more pigmented and colored, they’re also handy to create that perfect Cupid’s bow, and they don’t smear or fade for a long, long time. 🙂

    Dust translucent powder over your pout to create a matte look, or brush on some white eyeshadow for a lighter look and a brighter pout!

    For a flirtier look, try soft and subtle mascara, like’s CoverGirl’s NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara. For nighttime, I’d apply dark brown gel eyeliner in a soft cat-eye, and apply a more glamorous mascara, maybe Lancome Definicils, or CoverGirl LashBlast Luxe.

    Let me know what you guys think, and Happy Valentine’s Day again!

    P.S. I’ll have a post about creating perfect Cupid’s bows next time!

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    Sweet Sailor

    I can almost taste the salt in the air, hear the waves crashing against the beach and the song of the seagulls, begging for food. I can almost feel the cool breeze that is at every beach, see the never-ending line of blue, feel cold water lapping at my feet. In my mind, all this represents freedom, and the colors of the sea are the ones that brighten the flag of childhood memories.

    Okay, so basically: I love the sea. And here’s a look to honor it.

    Sweet Sailor

    Black or charcoal shadow is always classic and just a little bit voluptous, but dark navy blue shadow is more unconventional. And makeup’s Golden Rule? If you haven’t seen or tried something before, DO IT! Because for me, makeup is simply a sort of art form, in the pretty colors and the magical way it just blends together.
    So. Today’s challenge? NAVY BLUE SHADOW

    But for those gals who love a li’l bit of party, add a streak of charcoal shadow right on your brow bone. Tres’ pretty, right??

    Sweet Sailor

    NOTE: Add a swipe of white right beside your tear ducts, on your waterline, and your lashline to make eye whites look brighter and stronger . . . Therefore brightening your eyes!

    Sweet Sailor: To further brighten your look and balance out the deep shadows, mix some white eyeshadow into a baby-pink blush to have a light pink. Then sweep a highlighter or white shadow on your upper apples again to have a dewy look.

    Finish your dramatic / pretty look with rose-pink lips. Don’t apply the lipstick straight on, though: Using your fingers, lightly dab on the color. You’ll get a pretty but natural looking look, and don’t worry about dotting it on perfectly: Imperfections are what make you perfect!

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